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The Academy supports Italian cuisine’s UNESCO World Heritage candidacy

3 June 2023
Piazza di Siena, in Rome, served as the magnificent setting for the gala dinner held in support of Italian cuisine’s candidacy for UNESCO Wo

The Academy abroad: new foundations

1 June 2023
The Academy's presence is intensifying abroad with the recent founding of a Delegation, in Tunisia, the second in the area, with jurisdiction over the city of Hammamet, and two Legations: in Southeast Asia, the Legation of Vietnam

Italian Academy of Cuisine registers updated recipe for true ragù alla bolognese

20 April 2023
The Italian Academy of Cuisine has updated the recipe for true ragù alla bolognese: from 20 April 2023

Virtual round table to prepare for the VIII Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World 2023

29 March 2023
A virtual round table was held on 22 March to prepare for the Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World 2023.

Italian Cuisine is a candidate for UNESCO Heritage status thanks in part to the Italian Academy of Cuisine

23 March 2023
Italy’s Ministries of Agriculture and Culture, represented by their respective Ministers Francesco Lollobrigida and

Meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture

28 February 2023
Following the new government’s accession, Francesco Lollobrigida has been appoin

The Italian Academy of Cuisine presented to Pope Francis

21 December 2022
Following the Papal Audience held last Wednesday, 21 December, in the Paul VI Hall, our First Vice-President Mimmo D’Alessio expl

Orio Vergani Prize awarded

16 December 2022
This year’s Orio Vergani Prize has been awarded to Coldiretti, Italy’s foremost agricultural o