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Focus is the Editorial by President Paolo Petroni published in the magazine Civiltà della Tavola

Data Focus
December 2019

New York, like California, bans the sale of foie gras

In Italy, as in most European countries, its production is forbidden, but unfortunately not its sale.

November 2019

American tariffs harm some of our exports

The wailing, however, appears excessive.

October 2019

The feedbag generation

Inexorable compromise between taste and convenience.

September 2019

From an elite conception to the world’s largest Academy

Academicians’ contribution is essential to our mission’s development. 

July 2019

Dark clouds over Italian cuisine

Misleading ‘traffic light labels’; European goods threatened with hefty tariffs by the USA: just a few of the grave dangers menacing the ‘Made in Italy’ brand.

June 2019

Jamie Oliver’s empire collapses

A symptom of disaffection with restaurant chains.

May 2019

Momentous transformations in the restaurant world

A silent revolution, surely detrimental to the traditional domains of food.

April 2019

Waiter! Excuse me!

Service is becoming a real problem for many restaurants.

March 2019

The dictatorship of the chefs

Mind-boggling inflexibility and imposed limits on the number of diners per dish.

February 2019

The forgotten amatriciana

Something has moved, thanks to the Academy’s help.

January 2019

Magazine makeover

Dear readers,

November 2018

Restaurants that sell ‘hot air’

Leaving aside chef Nicola Dinato’s self-effacing humour, minuscule portions of the ubiquitous trendy ingredients are frequently sold for exorbitant prices.