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Focus is the Editorial by President Paolo Petroni published in the magazine Civiltà della Tavola

Data Focus
September 2021

Restaurants reopen, but some problems continue to plague them

Among others, that of questionable service, often verging on the indecorous.

July 2021

Delta Force on the attack!

Despite the crossfire plaguing our lives, the Academy is resuming its habitual cultural and convivial activities.

June 2021

If this weren't a tragedy, we'd have reached a comic ending

Even lately, amid signs of viral retreat, we are at a fever pitch of confusion.

May 2021

Vaccine chaos and uncertain regulations delay rebirth

But there are positive sings: we confidently await the return of normality.

April 2021

Let's talk about our Academy

Though the pandemic has deprived us of conviviality, the Academy has held firm, thanks to our Delegates' and Academicians' competence and passion.

March 2021

Everything changes; nothing changes

Map colours proliferate, as do the institutions that allegedly protect us, but real hope rests in the swift availability of abundant vaccines.

February 2021

A long year of privations

The emergency remains in full swing, but Academicians have lost none of their verve to start anew.

January 2021

Restaurants sink into a morass of improvisation

Prohibitions, closures, uncertainties, risible assistance.

December 2020

A strong and cohesive Academy

A year full of worries, anxiety and questions draws to a close, but there is a glimmer of hope for rebirth.

November 2020

There is great chaos under heaven

The current situation is only ‘excellent’ for the coronavirus.

October 2020

The new App brings the Academy’s world to all enthusiasts of our great cuisine

See page 9  for all the necessary details to start this interesting exploration.

September 2020

Freedom of the press, statistics and the restaurant crisis

Befuddled by contradictory news, we must be discerning and prudent.