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Focus is the Editorial by President Paolo Petroni published in the magazine Civiltà della Tavola

Data Focus
April 2023

The new recipe for ragù alla bolognese has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce

An iconic recipe of Italian cuisine requested by over 3000 enthusiasts worldwide.

March 2023

The "History of Italian Cuisine in Comics" translated into 8 languages

A message to the world in the year of our seventieth anniversary.

February 2023

The Academy on its seventieth birthday

Far from having completed its mission, it remains a bulwark defending our food culture.

January 2023

Tears of the stars

The joy of recognition, and the barbs that come with it: the hard life of 'fine dining'.

December 2022

Cautious, not anxious, consumption

Despite alarming past predictions for the 21st century, in truth little has changed.

November 2022

The mysterious allure of ‘food sovereignty’

What does the Agriculture Ministry's new moniker mean in practice?

October 2022

“Carmencita, turn off the gas and let’s go!”

Times are hard for our economy, but Academic activity continues in exemplary fashion.

September 2022

The mythical and mysterious shopping trolley

An array of symbolic products bought by a hypothetical (slightly unhinged) customer.

July 2022

Summer arrives with numerous adversities but also brings an immense lust for life

Beyond rising prices and shortages of many raw materials, wich affect everyone, restaurants are experiencing another crisis: the "no show" phenomenon.

June 2022

Being an Academician: a commitment to sharing and active participation

The meeting in Baveno, in a climate of friendship and pure enthusiasm, highlighted the Academy's ability to keep pace with the times, thanks in great part to the spirit of sharing common to all its members.

May 2022

New challenges and new opportunities await us

Increasingly valued by institutions, the Academy is called upon to foster Italian cuisine and food culture worldwide in an incisive manner.

April 2022

Problems on several fronts

Alongside the horrors of war, prices increase and we risk entering a new crisis in many fields, including the restaurant sector.