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A quest for traditional excellence in Italian restaurants

 CATANIAPasta alla Norma

Pasta “Norma Style” is a first-course dish from Catania which has gained considerable fame because it is both delicious and (apparently) easy to prepare. In fact the dish consists of ordinary tomato spaghetti which are plated and then garnished with slices of fried aubergine and basil leaves and generously sprinkled with grated salted ricotta. In the area of Catania the idiom “a real Norma” has gained currency to express magnificence comparable to that of Vincenzo Bellini’s opera. This pasta, however, seems to have been so christened by the poet Nino Martoglio in 1920.

These are the restaurants which our Delegation in Catania recommends for their Pasta alla Norma:


La Siciliana
Viale M. Polo, 52/A
Tel. 095 376400 
Closed on Sunday evenings
and Mondays.
Annual closure:
second and third week of August

Giardino di Bacco
Via Piave, 3
San Giovanni La Punta (Catania)
Tel. 095 7512727
Opens only for dinner on weekdays
and only for lunch during
weekends and holidays.
No annual closure

Via Federico da Roberto, 37
Tel. 095 537045
Closed: Saturday lunch
and Sunday evening.
Annual closure: second
and third week of August

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