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A passion for Italian cuisine at the White House

 We’ve often seen him with an ice cream cone in his hand, but it seems that Joe Biden’s favourite food is pasta in sauce. More specifically, angel hair with tomato sauce, which he so loves that he includes it in the fixed menu that he requests after public speeches. All thanks to the First Lady Jill Biden, who has Italian origins and a passion for Italian cuisine passed on since childhood by her paternal grandmother. The Biden home abounds in pasta and conviviality: a veritable declaration of love for the Mediterranean Diet.
The Bidens are in good company. Data gathered by Unione Italiana Food confirm that the USA is not just the land of fast food and high-protein diets, but has now begun to know and appreciate pasta. 9 out of 10 Americans eat it, at least 53% twice a week at least. (“Cook” and “L’Economia”, Corriere della Sera)