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The new “Franco Marenghi” Study Centre (Milan - October 10, 2018)

A prestigious team, constantly strengthening the Academy’s cultural role: this is the new "Franco Marenghi" Study Center contingent that gathered in Milan on October 10. Many members are new, and even while formally presenting themselves, they already demonstrated passion and enthusiasm for their upcoming roles as well as professionalism and competence.The posts of President (Sergio Corbino), Vice-President (Giuseppe Benelli) and Secretary (Elisabetta Cocito) remain unchanged. Andrea Vitale (also a member of the preceding team) and Luca Chiesa arelecturers at the University of Milan; Gigi Padovani (confirmed in his post), Morello Pecchioli and Giancarlo Saran have a long career injournalism. Professor Aldo Tammaro (Milano Brera) and Roberto Zottar (Gorizia), responsible for the food segment of the Italian national radio programme Vita nei Campi (Life in the Fields), areAcademicians. All FMSC members have authored numerous publications on food culture topics.


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