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The birth of the Accademia

On the 29th of July in 1953, when the Accademia Italiana della Cucina was constituted in Milan, at the restaurant of the Hotel Diana, its founders were aware of assuming a highly important role in the field of safeguarding the principles of the civilisation of the Italian table and of handing over to future generations an arduous but not impossible task: a mission of research and continuous activity, but at the same time a stimulating and educational one.

It was not clairvoyance, but rather a profound awareness of their role. On the other hand, the men who participated in that famous dinner represented the best of the cultural, entrepreneurial, artistic, and communicational environment of the period.

They were motivated by passion, by experience, and by a profound faith in the cultural, historical and human values on which a country's civilization of the table and gastronomical culture are based. And from then on, the activity and history of the Accademia have never ceased to pursue the principles which those well-advised founders had identified as fundamental, renewing and adapting them to the evolution of society and custom. And, thanks to these founders, today, at a distance of sixty years, the Accademia is more solid, active, vigorous and important than ever.